Crystal skulls function in various ways.  They are used to focus, reflect, refract, amplify,
attune, transmit, transform, and store energies and information.  Sherry Whitfield would also
like to add that they may serve as witness!  If they really behave as ancient alien recording
devices, it would only stand to reason they are "witnessing" something as they are recording
it!  What empowers the skulls are elemental spirits or "devas" that inhabit the crystals.  They
like to help mankind on its path to spiritual ascension.  Therefore, working with a skull may
help you focus on your task, reflect aspects of yourself that need to be worked upon, refract
you on your path when a better or different course is needed, amplify your energies or
personality (be careful with this one!), attune your energies for the highest synergistic good,
transmit that energy and communicate it to other crystals and skulls around the planet (like
a grid), affect an energetic and spiritual transformation within the individual, and store
thousands of bytes of information within its matrix.  When you are connecting with a crystal
skull psychically,  you are really connecting with the elemental deva that resides inside.  
Devas love elemental things (crystals, water, plants, air, and fire), anything natural.  Oddly
enough, devas can pretty much inhabit anything they want, even if it is man-made!  Sherry
tells a story of a deva living in a plastic skull!  The owner  claimed the plastic skull started
talking to him.  Sherry -- a long-time communicator of energies and the spiritual world --
verified that -- by golly -- there was a deva living in his plastic skull!  These devas are not to
be feared; they are here to help us.  Most people would refer to them as faeries.  
Crystal Skulls
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