Psychic Intuitive Card Reader
In order to "connect" with the target, it is beneficial to have an
intention.  In metaphysical studies, we learn that intention is
everything.  Whether you are manifesting, postulating, praying, or
healing, if you set the intention first of what it is you are trying to
accomplish, the outcome comes a lot quicker and more accurately.

There is magic everywhere waiting to be discovered.  We can create
our own sense of reality by our intentions.  When we have firm
intentions, the "magic" is more apt to happen.  So many people set the
intention to have a lousy day by starting their day off by stating, "Ugh,
I don't want to go to work today!  I know it is going to be horribly
busy and everything is going to go wrong.  It always does."  That then
becomes the intention because that is how the day is expected to go.  
The idea then is to change the expectation to a positive intention that
the day will go well effortlessly.

The intention for remote viewing is that whatever feedback you get
after the session is finished is the correct target for the session.  In this
way, remote viewing can transcend time and space, and, therefore,
time and space can be proven irrelevant.   It has been proven that a
target can be "viewed" before it is even selected through setting the
proper intention.

It helps to be very specific with your intention.  If you don't put a time
line on your target, such as how the target looks in present time, you
might get what it looked like 100 years ago or even what it might look
like in 10 years from present.  A friend of mine and I were practicing
using three different targets, and the results of what we drew were for
one of the other targets than the one we were working on at the time;
in other words, the results were out of order.  So make sure that you
are clear in your intentions which target you are working on.  "My
intention is to remote view the target associated with XYZ as it looked
at the time the photo was taken."

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