Divination * Didgeridoo * Daylilies  

There is an Awakening
There is an awakening – a Spiritual awakening – taking place on this
planet.  People are growing weary of the Old Ways:  the promises of
Salvation, the fear of Damnation.  This is not what the Wise Ones
meant; the Old Ways are not what they wanted.  The Universal Spirit
is one of Love – not Hate – and yet the Old Ways rely too much on
fear and intimidation and empty promises filled with hope and longing.
The intentions of the Wise Ones have been twisted and corrupted to
serve the egos of control and conformity.

Salvation comes with the Awakening. The Awakening is a realization
that there is more to life than just getting up in the morning, making a
living, and being fruitful and multiplying. It is the realization that we
must live life to the fullest as free-thinking individuals, experiencing all
we can and finding the joy that connects us to the Divine.  It is a
realization that we are more than our physical bodies and that we are
indeed souls with origins in the Divine.  It is opening up our hearts and
stepping into the matrix of the Universe and all it has to offer for
personal growth and, therefore, the benefit of all.  It is not blindly
following without question those who seek to satisfy their self-serving
egos by falsely elevating themselves at the expense of others.  The
Ancients knew the simplicity of the path to Salvation, but the human
ego seeks to complicate and contort and pervert the path for self-
satisfying reasons.

There is a new race of humans being born on this planet – a new
species – that will allow us to continue the work of the Ancients, the
Wise Ones.  More and more children are being born already in an
awakened state.   Many adults are coming to realize, too, that this
awakened state can be reached in this life time.  It is an evolution of
the Mind and Spirit to overcome outmoded thinking and habits and
concepts and ideals that no longer serve Humankind as a whole.  
There is a coming together of Oneness that recognizes that we are not
all so different as we have been led to believe by those who don’t
understand the true meanings of Salvation and Damnation, by those
who wish to separate individuals for their own agendas of control and
suppression.  The New Race of Mankind will lead us into the next era
of human development, an era of re-connectedness where we mutually
help all to ascend to the next level of human consciousness and
spiritual awareness; an ascension to return to the wholeness of the

The Old Ways control through the threat of damnation.  Damnation is
a self-imposed illusion.  No one can “damn” you to anything but
yourself.  Sinning is nothing more than a deviation from the path of
enlightenment.  If one errs, he needs only to get back on the path that
will teach him the lessons he needs to learn in this life time and to
fulfill his role he is to play in his appointed physical scenario.   Life’s
“purpose” is to live, play out, and learn every experience you can for
the highest benefit of all and transmit those experiences back to the
Divine.  We are reconstructing ourselves so we may return to the
singularity that is the Divine.  Your existence may be for others to
learn from you, as their existence may be for you to learn from them.   
Damnation comes when the Self feels that he has not served his
“purpose” in the role he has to play.  Hell is a self-actuated state of
mind born out of ignorance.  To break the bonds of Hell one must
simply become aware of the true purpose of his existence.  He will be
blessed and ascend from the “dead” of Spirit to continue on his path of

Our purpose now in this Awakening is to help everyone on their path
of enlightenment.  There will be those who will grasp it and those who
will fight it.  For those who grasp it, teach them and help them as
much as you know.  For those who will fight it, bless them and let
them be.  Every soul still has free will despite the role he is to play as
agreed upon with the Divine, and expending energy on those who
refuse to learn is an act of futility.  Damnation truly comes from self-
imposed ignorance.  Change is constant; change is natural; change is
inevitable.  To fight change is to fight the very laws of the Universe,
and that, too, is a lesson we all must learn and accept.

We best serve the Divine by being of service to others, but to be of
better service to others, we must be of better service to ourselves.  It
serves no one to let our own ships sink.  Learn and experience all you
can, and help others to do the same.  This is done by raising your
vibration above the muck and the mire of those who would wish to
suppress and control.  The higher the vibration, the more you connect
with Spirit.  The more you connect with Spirit, the stronger your
connection to the Divine.  What makes your heart sing?  What makes
your soul dance?  What makes your energy glow?  The things that
bring you joy to the highest benefit and good of all.  This joy opens the
soul spiritually and psychically.  It opens the heart to the Universe.  It
transcends dimensions.  It rewrites the DNA on a soul level to create a
new, spiritually-aware being of love and light and Oneness.  
Forgiveness and Gratitude are necessary to make the connection
complete.  They are the stepping stones to Ascension and the glue that
holds it all together.  Forgiveness is the acceptance of the short
comings of the human condition.  Gratitude is the acceptance of the
Gift of Giving.

The Old Ways are dying out, not by anything the Awakened Ones are
doing, really, but by the unwillingness to evolve.  The need to control
and suppress will be their own demise.  They will cast themselves
aside clearing the path for the Era of the New Enlightenment.   The
Awakened Ones are growing in number.  They will bring peace and
calm to humanity after the Old Ways have died off.  This evolution is
a path into the Light from the Darkness.  Love is the way of the Light;
Fear is the way of the Dark.  Follow the path of love, and you’ll find
the way of the Awakening.