What is Divination?
Divination * Didgeridoo * Daylilies  
Divination is the practice of connecting with the Divine on both a
Spiritual and Physical level to acquire messages and information that
are of the greatest good and the highest intent for the use and benefit
of those seeking answers.

These Practices could be anything from connecting psychically with
Spirit (God, Angels, the Ascended Masters, Interdimensional Beings)
to card reading, casting, geomancy, psychometry, pendulums, and
dowsing rods.

The modality I use most often is
Intuitive Card Reading.

Although not forms of divination, Alternative Health Practices are also
a means of connecting with The Divine as many of these utilize the
Universal Life Force Energy.  These would include Reiki, Quantum
Touch, Oneness Blessing, and meditation.  More on these topics under
Alternative Health.
I am also an avid student of the metaphysical, paranormal, psychic,
and spiritual pursuits.  I belong to many different meet
-up groups in
the Columbus, Ohio, area, where I study, practice, and share my

I am also a contributing member of the
Universal Energy Society.