Crystal Skulls
Crystal Skulls are crystals and
stones carved into the shapes
of skulls.  They are said to be
the organizers of the mind.  
They come in various sizes
and styles and stone types,
and their use is a combination
of crystal therapy, ancient tribal
practices, and
technology.  It is believed that
once a crystal is carved into
the shape of a skull, it
assumes a personality and
intelligence all its own.  Some
may even become homes to
elemental spirits.

There have been many crystal
skulls discovered all around
the world that are believed to
be quite ancient.  No one
knows who created them or
how they were created.  Many
scientist are out to disclaim
their authenticity, but
“caretakers” of the skulls
believe them to be quite old.  It
is a common philosophy
among the caretakers that a
person never really “owns” a
crystal skull; he really is just a
caretaker until it is time for the
skull to move on.  

There are companies that
create modern crystal skulls.  
The ones carved by North,
South, and Central American
craftsmen look more like
caricatures of skulls and can
be very stylized.  The ones
coming out of China (Beijing)
are more realistic.  These
come in a range of sizes from
“pocket pals” to “Titan.”  The
price of the skulls depends on
the size, material, and quality
of the carving.  The skull will
have not only the energetic
attributes of the material it is
carved from, but also the
intrinsic collective knowledge
of its history.

People can meditate with their
skulls or use them for healing
or wisdom.  It is possible to
become psychically linked to
the skulls so they may
communicate with you.  The
more you work with a skull, the
greater the bond, and the
stronger the skull’s aura
grows.  A crystal skull may
even tell you his name.
My Crystal Skull Story
Yeah, I know... I don't totally get this one myself...

It was shortly after I started attending the local psychic fairs in
Columbus, Ohio, that I noticed the carved crystal skulls.  Not
knowing what they were, I asked the stone salesman what they
were all about.  He said, "They talk to you!"  Of course, I
thought, "yeah, right," but because that wasn't the craziest thing
I'd heard from the "New Agers," I figured what the heck, and I
bought a small "pocket pal" for five bucks and stuck it in my
pocket.  It was a tiny quartz crystal about the size of a marble,
and it was carved in a Meso-American caricature style.  I named
him Leroy, and I took him everywhere.

A few months later, I went to another psychic fair, and I sat in
on a lecture by a lady from Pittsburgh who had several crystal
skulls and a rather large one named "Rain" that she
communicated with psychically.  I listened to her lecture, and
found it intriguing.  I bought another skull I found at a vendor's
table, and then sought the lady out to get more information.  I
had missed the beginning part of her lecture, so I needed her to
fill in some blanks.  Apparently, the skulls attract devas which
are fae entities, and the devas will take up housekeeping inside
the skulls.  I found it all fascinating and went on-line to find out
what more I could learn about them.  Surprisingly, there really
isn't that much information out there about them.  I found some
information about the ancient skulls, but nothing really about
how to meditate or "talk" to them.

I then found a website that sells crystal skulls of different stones
and sizes and styles out of Beijing, and I bought another one.  A
year later when I sat in on the Pittsburgh lady's lecture again, I
had to ask her, "I bought the first one, and then the second one,
and then a third one... now I have, like, 16 of these things!  
What the heck is going on?"  Her answer was that "they" were
building a grid.  They were psychically making me buy more so
they could form an energy grid.

So what does this mean?  Since then, I met
Sherry Whitfield
who is the current caretaker of the ancient skull
Synergy.  Sherry
explains that at no other time in history has there been this many
crystal skulls in existence.  The skulls -- and their caretakers --
are building an energy grid all around the world to help bring and
keep peace to the planet.  This is known as "holding the light."  
There are many ways that the people in the metaphysical
practices (lightworkers) are holding the light.  This is just one of
them.  The skulls, like other crystals, can connect energetically to
create an energy grid around the world that will help bring peace
to the planet.  The shape of the skull brings an intelligence
behind the grid.

Hey, anything I can do to help bring peace and light to the
planet, count me in!

The original ancient crystal skulls were Lemurian and Atlantean
in origin, making them in essence "alien" technology.  The skulls
were then bequeathed to the original tribes of the planet as
repositories of ancient alien technology and as recording devices
of any new information that would become the history of
civilization of mankind.  

I am caretaker to quite a few skulls.  Although not my largest
skull, my master skull is Day Star, a Himalayan Rainbow
Quartz.  He has spent time with Synergy, so presumably they
have exchanged information.  A master skull is your main skull
who is both a teacher skull and a "council" skull.  He is the one
who energizes and instructs the other skulls.  Typically, the
master skull should be made of quartz as quartz carries a higher
frequency than the other stones, and quartz is a natural amplifier.

I take my skulls with me to work or on trips or hiking, so I have
many pictures of them enjoying their many adventures.
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